Orient is the company chicken grower’s choice for commercial and free range poultry housing. Our quality products are so well regarded that we are now exporting them to the world.

An international business, we combine years of experience in poultry growing with more than 40 years of experience in shed building – a mix unique in the industry. Over the years, we’ve built the broiler, breeder, layer and free range facilities that have become the industry benchmark, so we know what works for growers and what doesn’t.

The team at Orient don’t just design and construct sheds; they build innovative farming solutions using superior materials and products, their proven industry experience, and their commitment to developing high performance farming investments for their clients.

At Orient, we take great pride in everything we do, but some things are especially important to us:

  • Quality of our materials
  • Workmanship
  • Delivering on time and budget
  • Unmatched service standards
  • Innovations developed

Your Investment -
our Reputation

Your shed investment is long term. So too is our partnership.

It starts from the first time we sit down with you to discuss your plans. As growers ourselves, we understand the underlying economics and operational requirements. We can draw upon the experience of building sheds for all processors – including broiler, breeder, layer and free range – for three generations.

By listening to you and working with you, we ensure your shed is cost-effective and able to sustain high production for many years. It’s just one way that our reputation safeguards your investment.

Importantly, we don’t disappear once the shed is built. Your security and peace of mind is enhanced by on-going after sales service and our long warrantees – something we are comfortable offering because we have faith in our Quality and Workmanship. Using our high level of repeat business as a guide, we can see that our customers agree.

Quality is the key with Orient

With a poultry house, three key elements define the structural quality: Design, Materials and Workmanship.

No other poultry builder can match Orient for experience in design. For the past decade, we have been at the forefront of poultry house design and development. From the testing and specification of enhanced insulation and fire retardant, to the development and refining of the clean skin ventilated shed, Orient has played a major role in setting Australian standard for others to follow.

Every farm site is unique. We excel at designing the most efficient poultry sheds within the existing farm parameters perspective.

This approach is essential to minimising build costs. Some people call it flexibility, we just call it doing the right job.