The clean ceiling minimises uncontrolled air flow resistance which leads directly to better environment control and smaller ventilation fans that work more efficiently.

The end result is a shed that offers better environmental control for your birds while using less power.

The lack of clutter in the air space and the smooth finish of the ceiling minimises surfaces that collect dust and the more sanitary environment helps to repress disease contagions. Our sheds promote better bird health which means better production.

These same features make the interior space very easy to clean and sterilize at the end of each batch, dramatically reducing tun-around times, cleaning costs and most importantly. allowing you to grow more birds each year.

We build our houses to a standard that ensures near zero maintenance. The components we use are all heavy duty and one size too large.

Our top quality steel is hot—dipped galvanized to offer the best possible protection against corrosion.

Each of our column footings has over 450kg of concrete. Needless to say, our footings don‘t move. This is important as we go to great lengths to ensure every building is extremely well sealed. The better the air seal, the more efficient the ventilation control and the cheaper the operating costs. We know that negative pressure will implode a lesser quality or faulty poultry building, which is just one reason our sheds are built to be so strong.

We were one of the first companies to advocate the insulation of poultry sheds and we have insulated over 600 conventional sheds.

Today we are able to specify advanced composite insulation materials that are structural as well. We work hand-in-hand with manufacturers and shed controllers to ensure the ventilation and heating control cycles fully utilize the efficiencies developed from the new materials and deliver lower energy costs.

Further, we have worked with insulation panel manufacturers to specify fire retardant expanded foams that resist burning. In some cases, lower insurance premiums have been negotiated due to the lower fire rating of the entire building.

It is from this position of trust that more and more clients are relying on us to take care of entire projects on their behalf.

This is not something we enter into lightly as we take our responsibility to our clients very seriously. However, significant benefits can be gained if one responsible partner takes the lead role and has accountability for bringing all aspects of the project together.

A growing number of Orient projects are farm-wide, multi-million dollar projects and we use the latest systems to effectively manage them. Project Supervisors are assigned to each project and provide a single point of contact. These trusted employees are empowered to make decisions on the spot to ensure that projects are brought in on time and within budget.